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Case Study #1:

Local SEO + Lead Generation via Social Media

A local Pool Remodeling company was looking to hire an SEO consultant to bring them new customers from the search engines. Their SEO Audit was a score of 72 and their previous website was all but unusable (antiquated HTML / no mobile version), and their visibility was practically null. We redesigned their website using all the best practices in terms of UI: Clear and concise calls to action, immediate understanding of purpose of their business, and design that is pleasing to the eye and quickly conveys their goals. In parallel we started their SEO Campaign, as well as social media lead generation campaign.

Results after 6 months:

  • Increase from 1 website lead/ month to 28 leads (qualified phone calls and form submits)
  • Created a new source of lead generation via Social Media (average 15 leads/month)
  • Expansion to 6 new cities in local market
  • Business owner claims revenue up by $100K per month, by month 12
  • Increase number of 1st page rankings from 4 to 33 keywords.
Seo Company Boca Raton
Boca Raton SEO

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Case Study #2:

National SEO

We were hired to provide SEO services for a cell tower consultant that specializes in negotiations and contract reviews, a very specific niche with fierce competition nationwide. In addition to rebuilding and re-optimizing their website, we produced explainer videos to help improve visibility and further their presence in Google and Youtube. They rank for 23 keywords in their niche nationwide, not only for their website but Youtube videos and Press Releases as well!

Results after 6 months:

  • Increase from 6 to 26 leads / month (qualified phone calls and form submits)
  • Increase from 3 to 23 keywords on page 1 (including a video)
  • Due to confidiality agreements, business owner will not disclose revenue, however claims increase in new deals from leads generated following SEO campaign.
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SEO Boca Raton

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Case Study #3:

Local SEO

This Houston-based Message Board and Traffic Control rental business was strictly a referrals-only business, and the owner was admittedly skeptical of whether we could penetrate such a small niche via SEO Marketing alone. Not only did we blow his rankings out of the water, we increased his business’s exposure in 5 additional markets in Texas. In addition we redesigned his website to increase conversions, and provided a much improved experience for mobile users.

Results after 6 months:

  • From 0 website leads on month 1, to 31 website leads (qualified phone calls and form submits)
  • 3 rankings on page 1 of Google (including a video) out of 10 search results (33% market share)
  • Expansion to 5 new cities in Texas
  • Business owner claims revenue is up by $500K by month 6
Boca Raton SEO Company

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Case Study #4:

International SEO

Following our success with a US-Based SEO campaign, a client who specializes in cell tower lease negotiations wanted to open up shop and get business in Brazil. We built a new website, established an SEO-optimized domain and within 3 months were outranking most of his competitors within the Brazilian market. Both website and video appear on the 1st page of Google for 16 keywords.

These were the results after 3 months:

  • From 0 leads to 19 websites leads/month (form submits)
  • From 0 to 16 keywords on page 1 of Google (including a video)
  • Due to confidiality agreements, business owner will not disclose revenue, but claims new deals from leads generated within 3 months
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Our SEO Services & Strategies is a Multilayer Process

SEO Audit
Website and Google Map

The first step is an initial website audit and penalty check. This is like a background check for your website. We will get a score 1-100 with 100 being perfect. This will tell us what is holding back your website or Google My Business aka Google Map listing from getting first page rankings. Here we will look at all the errors your website is facing such as improper url structure, NAP inconsistencies, canonical urls, meta content, sitemap structure, robots file, duplicate content, internal and external links and backlinks. Our clients websites get fixed within the first 14 days of starting a seo campaign and within an additional 14 days they see an increase in rankings.

Baseline Ranking Report

This shows what position your website is currently ranking for high buyer intent keywords, which bring new customers. Our approach is to find keyword searches that pertain exactly to your website/business and move your website up to the first page, which is where 94% of internet searchers make buying decisions. It’s always a good idea to start your seo campaign with keywords that your website is within the top 50 positions because that means Google, Yahoo and Bing like your website, they just don’t trust it enough to put it on the first page yet. This gets you more quality traffic faster, then we incorporate more keywords once those are on page one of the search results.

Onsite Optimization

This is a major part of building a SEO friendly foundation for your website and when done incorrectly it will restrict your website from ranking on page one of the search engines. We ensure the right mix of keywords are in the correct places within each page of your website and code without over optimization . We make sure that the pages are explaining to google what your company does. Each page is optimized specifically for each product and or service so when google crawls your site they see what it is you do! This includes, but not limited to title tags, URLs, meta-descriptions, H1s, geotagged images, content, and internal links. Meta descriptions can make or break your site because people are deciding before they even click! We make it easy for internet searches to visit your website.

Offsite Optimization

This is the ongoing part of SEO that pushes your website to the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing when done correctly. Offsite optimization is also known as “backlinking” which is the process of getting high domain authority websites, trusted websites and websites related to your niche linking to your website. Each link to your website offers a “vote” of trust to Google, Yahoo and Bing. The more quality “votes” aka websites linking to your website v.s. your competitor, the higher your site ranks in the search engines. Think of it like this. If you knew 45 people and 40 of those people referred you to a pizzeria and the other 5 people referred you to another pizzeria, which place would you go? This is one important ranking factor when Google decides what websites to rank. We have relationships over the years with journalists, bloggers and other website owners so it makes it easy for us to get many votes for your website fast!

Every 30 days our clients get a ranking report showing how many positions their website has moved up for each keyword inside the SEO Campaign.

Lead Generation

We have processes and systems set up to target your ideal customer based on specific demographics and search behavior patterns online by putting a compelling video advertisement in front of them with an irresistible offer from your company. In addition to that, we are able to capture each website visitor that left your website without taking action and invite them back to your website to take advantage of your offer (Special Pricing, Free Consultation etc). This process gets quality leads coming fast (clients gets leads on their first month) and is a great way for many of our clients to offset their SEO investment!

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How Long Before I See Results?

90 Days

In our experience and with our advanced techniques we shoot to get our clients results at the 90 day mark and then a significant jump by the next 60-90 days. Two months or less typically doesn't work; Google wants to see consistency in a site becoming an authority.

The “SEO Rocket Ship”

SEO is like a rocket ship, you have to put in a lot of work to get it off the ground but when you do, things start happening fast. Search engine optimization can be the most powerful way to grow your business, and attract a new audience that is currently in the market for your product or service!

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We’ll send you a monthly ranking report, so you can easily gauge how quickly we are ranking your website.

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