We identify which ranking methods work best for your industry and DOMINATE.

6 Ways to Get NEW Customers & Dominate the 1st Page.

We can rank you even when people are searching for your competitor!

#1 Video Rankings

An internet searcher can’t help but to notice a video thumbnail as it stands out among the top 10 search results on the 1st page of Google (especially when you have a good call to action and thumbnail photo). In addition to that, Youtube is the second biggest search engine and having your video highly ranked in Youtube helps build credibility and get you new customers along the way!

Video gives you an unfair advantage when trying to stand out in the Google search results and gives the internet searchers the information they need in an effortless way while you explain your services or product in the most perfect way. Currently, video is the fastest growing segment of online marketing. You owe it to yourself to get an unfair advantage!

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#2 Your Website Rankings

Your website is something that you take pride in and it should be one of your lead magnets that helps you dominate search results! We can rank your website to show up on the 1st page of Google when highly interested buyers are searching for “higher buyer intent” keywords, your competitors name or even just searching for “reviews” on your product or services. Having several website properties connected to your website and optimized/linked in the correct way (such as web 2.0’s, social accounts, blogs, Google maps etc) helps build the trust of your website needs in order to rank, and also gives internet searchers a way to stumble upon you.

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#3 Your Google Maps Listing

Get additional rankings on the 1st page of Google with a “Google Business Listing” or what was once called “Google Maps” listings (reinforcing major credibility when in the top 3 spots on the 1st page)! Currently, Google is only allowing 3 websites to rank on the first page of their local search results in the map listings (when searching for a local service or company). Over 86% of the clicks and phone calls go to the top 3 listings. If you want to dominate in your local market, it’s imperative that you get listed on the first page so you can capture nearly all of the phone calls and customers!

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#4 Your Yelp Listing

Take over the Yelp listing on the 1st page and make Google show only your company on Yelp! Very few people in the United States know how to do this. You gain additional credibility because we make Yelp recommend you out of everyone else because we bring the internet searcher straight to your Yelp page and not a page full of you and your competitors. Being found multiple times on the first page of Google makes you and your company seem like the superior brand/company! This is part of dominating online. Many companies like to get an unfair advantage by filling up the 1st page of Google with all listings about their company name or a keyword which leaves absolutely no room for your competitors to rank on the 1st page.  Companies also use this method to push down any bad reviews about their company.

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#5 Your Mobile website optimization

Over 65% of internet searches in the world are on mobile and local search is even a higher percentage on mobile devices. A mobile optimized website that is easy to navigate, read and has a solid offer/call to action is a must for local companies. Also, 48% americans have a smartphone and 53% of them use android, only 23% have a mobile optimized website. Tap into the local searches and get customers coming to you!

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#6 Social Sites

Rank social sites such to help push any bad reviews down or to just gain more market share for on the 1st page of Google for certain keyword searches or for your brand name (additional credibility)! Many companies like to fill up the 1st page of Google with all listings about their company which leaves absolutely no room for your competitors to rank on the 1st page when someone searches your company name and steal business from you. Companies also use these to push down any bad reviews about their company.

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