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Brian P.

CEO| Ross Services

We start doing a campaign with another SEO company for about 6 months. It didn’t work out. We spent a lot of money and had very poor results. Since working with Danny for the last 6 months things have been much better. My business has grown about $100,000 dollars a month. After 6 months with Danny, since business was going so well, we decided to do more cities.

Stan N.

Owner | Regional Traffic Services

I’m in the business of running Message Boards and Traffic Control products. After meeting Danny and him showing me buyer keywords I was up $500k in sales in 6 months.

Gina M.

Global Marketing Director | Kreller Companies

As marketing director of a global diligence firm we were stuck on page 5 or 6 for all of our keywords, which was about 10. I hired Danny and his business partner Richard to engage in SEO services. We were thrilled that within 2 months we increased our visibility from page 6 to page 1 for all of the top spots for our keywords and we were also able to convert those to buyer intent which is very very difficult to do. I will highly recommend them over anybody else I’ve ever worked with.

Colleen Franken

Inventor & CEO of Mattress Helper, Inc.

I would highly recommend Danny Rampelli for his broad understanding of SEO and his meticulous analysis of data which allows me, as the business owner, a way to attract my target audience for optimum sales results. In addition to his SEO knowledge, Danny has also been a business owner so he is able to see things from my perspective which helps me tremendously.

Mark Miller

Strategic Account Manager at Salesforce

Danny took us from no where in the Google search to being above huge competitors in the same space. He did this in a shorter time then I expected and proved the value of SEO. He definitely over delivered on our search position. I would use him again and have!

Devin Burke

Founder of Empowerment Wellness Solutions | Wellness Educator and Coach: Inspiring better health

Danny is a true marketing master. He has an strong ability to see opportunities and turn those opportunities into profits. I can recommend him without reservation.